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Prosthetic Products – Examples of Our Work

Prosthetics is our domain

We continuously educate ourselves in our medical field. It is the only way to keep pace with the rapid development.


As we are well aware of the financial demandingness of the treatment, whether it involves a single crown or a full-mouth reconstruction, our dentists will offer you an individual prosthetic plan tailor-made to meet your requirements and your budget.

When tooth replacement is necessary, we will offer you a complete assortment of crowns, ranging from basic metal-ceramic crowns, zirconium crowns over to glass-ceramic pressure injected crowns.

CAD/CAM Technology

When making all-ceramic prostheses, we use CAD/CAM technology to ensure that the replacements are made with maximum precision.


Zirconium Crown

These crowns are made with the aid of cutting-edge computer controlled CAD/CAM technology. The construction is cut from a zirconium block on computer controlled cutting machines. Zirconium is distinguished by immense strength but its main advantage compared to metal-ceramic crowns is its white colour. The finished product is thus highly aesthetic.


SGlass-Ceramic Pressure-Injected Crown

E-Max Lithium Disilicate Crown

For the front section, we recommend all-ceramic crowns because they ensure the best aesthetic result. We achieve this in close collaboration with our laboratory technicians who always participate in the selection of the colour shade and help you choose the ideal shape according to your wishes. An individual approach is vital when reconstructing the front sections of your teeth. That is why we lay great emphasis on it and we never deliver a final product if you are not fully satisfied with the result.

Metal-Ceramic Crown

Metal-ceramic crowns are a prosthetic standard used for many decades. Unfortunately, their aesthetic properties are impaired by the metal structure, which reflects and refracts light. However, with a view to their low price, we recommend metal-ceramic crowns in the middle section of the teeth.


Single crown


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